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Grand reopening
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welcome to the sisterhood. we will work with you to build a online business from finding a product to designing your shop, build social media accounts to market the product and/or build a brand around it.  I will give you all the help required to improve your advertising videos until you are comfortable and once you are producing quality videos I will share them on my pages. after this business is well established we can go through the whole process as many times to create as many incomes as possible. once you have a surplus of money each month then we can talk about investing so its working for you.

if you have ever started a business before you will know how hard it is. you can have the best product in the world but if no one sees it what's the point.some influencers charge between £500-£1500 JUST TO MAKE A PROMO with no guarantees of success and they won't bat an eyelid. but for just £99 for the first month and £15 a month after I will ,have a 1-1 to assess your situation and help decide on a product, promo your product for no extra cost as many times as you need. and help you build your own accounts to promo your self.  people usually spend big money getting a business up and running and many lose it after a short time. but together we can make it a success inshaallah